How to Be a Successful Student-Athlete

You may be wondering to yourself how people can handle keeping straight A’s in school and play sports all year round all while having fun with friends. Obviously, school work comes before sports and going out. All you need to do is study and do your homework. Paying attention in class is also key. You will have time to do all of this, so no excuses. Keeping good grades is very important because of staying eligible to play in your sport and so you can get into good colleges. If you have plans to play in any college sport, you need to have good grades to show that you are a hard worker and put effort into every single thing you do.

Being a good student isn’t everything though. The athlete part is just as hard. Going to practice everyday is a hassle. You learn that you don’t have enough time in the day to do everything you’d like to do. Between practice, lifting, and homework, your day is pretty much gone. As you develop as a student and as an athlete, this system will get better and free time will open up. Being a student athlete will help you gain valuable lessons. You learn how to be hardworking and more importantly, a leader. Time management will also be something that you get better at as you develop.

To sum this all up, being a student athlete isn’t easy. You need to go to school for hours just to go to practice for more hours after school. On top of that, you need to find time for weight lifting to get stronger and studying to get smarter to be a better member of society. You learn so many valuable things while being a student athlete.