This “FAQ” document has been prepared by the Shadyside Local School District Board of Education (“Board”) to inform the Shadyside community about the status of its negotiations with the Shadyside Education Association (“SEA”), which represents the District’s teachers.


Q: What are the parties bargaining over?

A:  Money.  That is the only issue that the parties are required to bargain over this school year.  The entire contract is open for negotiations next spring.  

Q: How does the average teacher salary in Shadyside compare to other local school districts?

A:  Shadyside ranks 12th out of 26 Ohio schools in the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference for average teacher salary during the 2020-2021 school year.

Q: What was the Board’s last offer to the SEA?

A:  On November 22, 2021, the Board made a final offer to the SEA of a 3.25% base salary increase, in combination with a semesterly attendance incentive, which would provide an extra $750.00 to any teacher who uses between 0-2 sick/personal days in a semester, $500.00 for using 3-4 sick/personal days in a semester, and $250.00 for using up to 5 sick/personal days in a semester. Any days missed due to COVID-19 would not count against the attendance incentive, with appropriate documentation from health authorities.

Q: How much of an increase in compensation could that result in for teachers?

A:  Under the Board’s proposal, a new teacher with a bachelor’s degree who uses up to four (4) sick/person days during the school year would obtain an increase in compensation of more than 7.77% over what a new teacher would have made last school year.

Q: Why did the SEA reject the Board’s proposal?

A:  The SEA has not provided an answer to that question.  However, it is clear from the circumstances that the SEA wants more of the District’s money, the majority of which comes from the taxpayers of the Shadyside community.


Q: How many times have the parties met for bargaining?

A: The Board met with the SEA on the following dates for negotiations. Each one of the sessions lasted multiple hours.

July 14, 2021

July 27, 2021

September 29, 2021

November 3, 2021

November 16, 2021

November 22, 2021

The SEA arrived at most negotiation sessions without having finalized proposals of their own to immediately offer the Board.  The SEA’s lack of preparedness has contributed to the prolonging of the bargaining process.

Q:           If the parties cannot reach an agreement on salary, does it go to arbitration?

 A:           No. Arbitration is not a feature of collective bargaining in the parties Negotiated Agreement.  Therefore, the members of the SEA will receive no base salary increase unless and until the SEA comes to an agreement with the Board through the mediation process.

Q:           Can the Federal Mediator grant a salary increase to the SEA?

 A:           No. The Federal Mediator cannot compel either party to agree to a salary increase.  The Federal Mediator can only work with the parties to try to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

 Q:           Does the Board have to give the members of the SEA its November 22, 2021 proposal on salary?

 A:           No. The SEA rejected the Board’s last proposal on salary.  The Board is not compelled by Ohio law to give them that same proposal.

 Q:           Do the parties have to meet again to bargain over salary?

 A:    Ohio law does not require the parties to meet by any certain date.  However, unless and until an agreement is reached, the SEA’s members will receive no base salary increase.  This will continue into next school year if no agreement is reached.